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About Us

At Minavo, our priority is to provide products and services that meet and exceed our clients needs and expectations. We offer Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System, Bulk SMS, Voice Mails and much more to a number of organizations and firms.

Our services ranging from a smart IVR application, giving the facility to offer permanent and temporary organization or product related data and information, to more complete and effective solutions where there is the possibility of queuing and exchanging calls to live operators. We can sift through and reduce the calls towards the officially settled call center infrastructure by giving automated and programmed self-help or IVR applications to manage the FAQ's caused by unexpected traffic.

For small, medium or large firms and organizations, for short or long time campaign support, the need to put huge sums of money in telephony equipment, system integration and application improvement together with the extra personnel expected to adapt to additional inbound and outbound calls is no more important. Minavo can provide answers for all possible occasions with a low capital expense and low ongoing costs.

Our methodology makes the engagement technologies clients prefer (text, chat and social) crucial and concordant to the overall customer experience. It likewise gives buyers a chance to help out themselves through self-service solutions that address the preference for text as a straightforward and simple entry point to the entire client experience, which results in canny, two-way automated conversation fueled by natural language understanding.

Minavo provides the tools and services to organize client-facing activities over the front and back office, optimizing business processes and managing personnel. Furthermore, because of the smart use and protection of CRM and interaction data across channels, when that human touch is expected to resolve an issue, the right individuals with the right expertise are available, without overlooking anything. It empowers our clients to route questions to answers and delivers a really re-imagined client experience. It's what Minavo does.