A Click to Call facilitates your client’s request a free call back

A Click to Call facilitates your Client’s Request a Free Call Back

Now the world has changed and has changed the whole market scenario. Traditionally the call centers often rely upon the telephonic technology to conduct a business, but today the call centers also rely upon the computers i.e. automated calling systems.

Click to Call technology has enables a consumer to browse the website of that company specific and then click on a link that will automatically make a “call”, putting the consumer in touch with a live agent. Now the question arises that why it would be necessary if the phone is sitting right next to the computer? Why not the just call directly? While, this is certainly an option which cannot replace the standard calling standards of the company completely, but has proved to be the fundamental customer service feature.

The purpose of the website designing is to maximize the experience of the customer and to sort out the queries he or she likely to have regarding to your product and services or any other information which they need is readily available. Or perhaps they get stumbled while going through the website and want to know more.

Minavo Communications has come upon with the newest technology of Click to Call API which ensures your clients a direct connection with a live agent of your company and that’s how they can resolve their queries immediately.

Click-to-call button has various fascinating features within that will compel you to get flexible configuration. Listed below are some of the advantages of click to call.

  • Customize: Now customize Click to call experience by the defined audio messages and operating hours.
  • Record: It also enables you to record the whole conversation which will be saved for a month in your analytics.
  • Report: Another inspiring feature of the click to call button is simple analytics let you report on your call history including date, time and phone numbers.
  • Control: Last but not the least, now you can also control your Click-to-Call button usage by limiting call duration and the destinations that can call you.

By coming into existence of this innovative concept, it offers you the high network quality and coverage plus the Top-most providers of the Minavo Telecom Networks  ensures you the sharp and the uninterrupted conversion with your prospects.

At the end, while summing up all, Click to call has become the most fundamental aspect of the consumer friendly websites of today, so do not wait for the for the right moment because click to call service is too valuable to be ignored.

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