Advantages of Telephony Based Conferencing over Web based Conferencing Solutions

Advantages of Telephony Based Conferencing over Web based Conferencing Solutions

Conferencing is coordinating a group of people be it large or small at a particular time to discuss issues or updates on a regular bases. This can be a Web based conferencing or telephony based conferencing and it is the best way to connect with the team members who are in different geographical locations and an easy to uses platform to sync up for daily hurdlers and monthly reviews where team members do not need to travel, just to attend a meeting.Setting up these conference calls is convenient and can be done in few clicks of a button without much hard work.

There are two types of conferencing solutions namely Web based conferencing where you can conduct meetings, trainings, presentation over the internet and participants of the meeting can connect via a computer to see the visuals and through a telephone or computer’s speakers to listen to the audio.Telephony based conferencing on the other hand are meetings that are conducted on the telephone and usually do not have any visuals, just the audio.

Below are few reasons why Telephony based Conferencing is more advantageous than Web based Conferencing solutions:

  • Easy to use

It is easy to use telephony based conferencing compared to the Web based conferencing, this is because the participants of the meeting just have to dial into a conference bridge and they would be able to join the call immediately. Participants do not have to go through any added training as it is just like calling a number and you would be connected to the conference call within no seconds and any layman can use it without any trouble. There are also options to have the server call the participants on their phone, which is even simpler as the participant would just receive an incoming call and once the participant picks up the call he would join the conference meeting immediately.Whereas for the Web based conferencing a long procedure needs to be followed like downloading the software or opening a certain link.This would require some training and computer experience.

  • Easy to Access

Participants can join the conference calls using the landline or mobile phones as almost everyone has one these days unlike web conferencing where the participant can only join the call with a computer/laptop so that he can see the visuals that are being presented. He would also need a computer speakers/microphone or a telephone to listen to the audio.

  • Cost Effective

The cost to deploy Telephony based conferencing is very less compared to the Web based conferencing. There is not much hardware required for it. However for Web based conferencing charges for internet and hardware make it expensive

  • Connectivity

Web conferencing requires both audio and video, which involves high quality data. There might be issues with connectivity and sometimes the video and audio do not go in sync. Sometimes when more participants join the call the video might get stuck due to connectivity issue. But these issues would not occur in Telephony based conferencing as it requires only the audio. Many participants can join and the call would not have an issues.

  • Security

Web based Conferencing is done though the internet so there is also a possibility of security breach and is more vulnerable to attacks. A hacker could probably listen into your private conference call and could hack into the computer system and take useful information but with telephony based conferencing only those with the bridge details and pass code can join the call or the server calls all those participants on their mobile number.

VConvo,a telephony based conferencing solution by the leading IVR service providerMinavo Telecom Networks allows you to setup group meetings with your team members anytime and anywhere. It has a simple panel that allows the admin to monitor the participants on the calls. The admin also has rights to add or remove or even mute participants. VConvo is simple to use, cost effective and secure.There is a pin assigned for every call so this-ensures security. All conference calls are recorded and stored in cloud which again ensures that the data do not reach the wrong hands. VConvo can be easily integrated with help-desk and CRM tools making it a must have tool for all business conferences. Reduce travel expenses of your company by cutting down on travel that was planned just to attend meetings and take up those meetings anytime and anywhere with VConvo.

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