Are you running a BPO? Adopt Cloud Telephony Solutions for better performance now!

Are you running a BPO? Adopt Cloud Telephony Solutions for better Performance now !

A BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company looks for greater efficiency should not rely on specific staff but the outsourcing service. With the advancement in technology, there are new opportunities created for BPO companies to enhance their offerings and the efficiency of the outsourcing service.

If you are hiring a BPO, this is the time to ramp up your operations and telephony solutions without much investment. Go for a cloud telephony solution and experience the innovation. 

Moreover, the call conferencing facility allows you to communicate with your internal team or business partners without even the need for an internet connection. Undoubtedly this technology has changed the business process efficiently. Your work can be operated easily from any location and you no longer need to maintain multiple systems. 

Look, how the cloud telephony solution results in better business performance: 

Cloud computing gives you the advantage to create a virtual call center. This cloud-based contact center solution creates an efficient communication network that connects all the remote agents without any additional investment. These agents can work from home, which offers the same level of reliability as standard services with enhanced functionality.

BPO companies must prefer cloud Telephony as it is easy to scale, manage, and customize. It offers you the ability to serve the clients with the high speed and efficiency demanded by them. 

Cloud Telephony System not only helps the outsourcing companies but also provide services with high value and it also allows them to hire agents in different locations. The operations can be done in a different time zone and from a different location while managing business calls seamlessly. 

Adopting cloud facilities leads to reduced costs. No infrastructure means there is no need to invest in power and other on-site host facilities such as the purchase and maintenance of hardware equipment and satellite workers. It also eliminates the charges of international calling which are considered very high. Thus saving lots of money, for other business operations, can be a great advantage of adopting cloud telephony. Many companies that have adopted cloud-based telecommunications services are enjoying its cost-saving benefits. Buying the necessary hardware and setting up the infrastructure is avoidable if you go for a cloud-based call center.

One of the major benefits of shifting to cloud telephony is the quick Implementation of the system. Now there is no need to waste hours in the installation of hardware. You just have to plug your devices to the network and start working. Also if any issues occur, repair and changes can be done remotely. The IVR services, in which there are SMS or Voice-enabled recorded message, help to interact with many customers within a few seconds. All these things have proved it a time-saving way to grow with streamlining customer service.

Cloud systems have flexible data handling options that hold a huge volume of data with ease. With a cloud telephony solution, you can record the calls of your users. They offer reliable back-up options which include the total number of call recordings including the location, duration, number of missed, and dropped calls. This record can be used for analytics purposes by analyzing customer behavior and to make business decisions. It even lets you track, monitor, and manage the work of your team remotely.

The best part is that it also keeps your data safe. There is more risk to keep the organization’s or customer’s data personally. However, the cloud service providers have the resources and the understanding to protect your data against security hackers and threats. All the phone numbers and customer data are secured as it provides a number masking feature. This is the reason that many organizations are nowadays switching to cloud-based services to improve their data security.


Cloud telephony offers scalability, mobility, and reliability while reducing costs for BPOs. Now a wide range of industries are adopting this service because of different reasons. Some of the common reasons are flexibility, cost-saving, security, and efficient communication network. It also makes you work remotely while delivering the complete service to the customers. 

It is now clear that cloud telephony has improved the BPO business by providing efficient back and front office services. It will soon become a widely accepted platform for outsourcing the entire business processes. 

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