Benefits of having a lead management solution for your business

Leads are those potential customers who have shown interest in your product through various sources such as social media, website enquiry etc. The backbone for successful sales operation is getting new leads and how those leads are managed. It’s often very easy to manage leads during the initial stages of business as there are only few leads, but as business grows the number of leads increases and it gets difficult to manage them. This is where lead management solutions play a role. According to study, most of the leads that are generated get lost or ignored. It becomes a challenge for the companies to manage leads in an efficient and effective way without proper Lead Management Solutions.

The following are the benefits of lead management solutions for business:

  • No leads go missed

If there is no lead management solution it would be difficult to maintain many leads in an excel sheet. The main advantage of lead management solution is that all the leads from various sources such as social media, websites, cold call etc are captured.

  • Build and maintain relationships

Customers would not buy any product immediately when they see an ad unless they are really in need of the product. They do ample researches before a customer makes a purchase. A lead management solution ensures that multiple engagements make the lead more aware of the product and they help leads to decide if they should buy the product.

  • Lead distribution

Leads are distributed to agents based on the rules that are set in the Lead management system. This makes the process more organised and no leads go missed as all the leads are assigned as it enters the system. The distribution process helps the efficiency of the sales teams with equal number of leads assigned to all the agents.

  • Reminders

Reminders to follow up with certain leads can be set within the system. No need to make note of these details on another tool as the lead management tool would remind you to follow up with the lead. Lesser the number of tools used more the efficiency of agents.

  • Leads can be tracked

All leads can be tracked from the start i.e. the moment it enters the system till the leads turns into a successful sale. If the lead becomes uninterested, the history of lead can be analysed to see what could have been better.

  • Filtering leads

It is extremely difficult to search for leads from an excel sheet. With lead management solutions, all the leads are entered into the system and it gets easy to search and filter for leads. Leads can also be filtered using the date time or names of the agents.

  • Reporting

Lead management solutions help in analysis and reporting. Analysis can be done on various factors to determine what the company is doing well and what it is doing wrong. Reports can determine various factors such as which agent is performing well and which source produces the maximum number of leads.

 A leading Telecom service provider, Minavo Telecom Networks, provides a Lead management Solution and various other telecom services. VLeads, a custom made Minavo lead management product, is packed with various features that you would not require any other tools to manage your leads. It collects, filters and distributes leads from various channels and ensures none of your leads go missed. Irrespective of the enterprise, small, medium or large, they all require a lead management system that is simple, cost effective and easy to use. VLeads has many features and can be customized as per the business requirements and can be integrated with various helpdesk CRM tools.

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