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Best Approaches for Lead Source in Your Engagement Platform

Lead source is the method by which a prospect came to know about your product or service. It is a necessary component for efficient lead generation that helps to create an effective marketing strategy for your business. The lead source also makes it possible to keep an eye on the lead path. While planning the marketing automation program, the best practice is to start with the structured lead source.

By analysing the channels that are driving the leads, you can simplify categorize, and provide a useful insight into the accuracy of the program for the present as well as for the future.

Here we will be discussing best practices for lead source in your engagement platform:

Categorize the Lead Sources

Marketers can either simplify things or make them more complicated. Try to find out the ways through which leads are directed towards your marketing organization. This can be done by aligning the lead source with program channels like webinars, organic traffic, e-conference, PPC, etc. Lead sources are the primary channel from where leads are generated and allow to analyze the funnel structure of the market properly. Eventually, this will help you to see the contents of your marketing program.

Fix to earliest Lead Source

Find out the lead source by applying the best techniques. Get insights from the marketing campaigns and fix for a qualifying lead source that is giving the best results. Make sure the source of lead should be to a minimal level to get a better insight. This helps in sharing important information from the sales and marketing team. As soon as any lead approaches the instance, the lead source should not be upgraded or changed. Use tools like VLeads for maintaining the lead source and managing the leads professionally and easily.

Opportunity Reporting

The lead source provides valuable information about the roots of leads as well as other chances of generating new leads. For better insights use your lead source to know from where you can get more opportunities. Create a strong lead source base first and then analyze the earned opportunities by the lead source. From the historic reports, you can come to know which category of lead needs what kind of content, service, or product. Thus, it becomes easy to make a prediction about which kind of programs and content is liked by your leads. Further, approaching your leads using their content of interest hits them hard so that new opportunities for creating new leads are generated.

Be easy with Campaign Naming

Make sure the marketing campaigns should cover more areas to reach a broader audience. Use the title of the campaign that involves the lead as their lead source. This is more beneficial as it becomes easy in the future while dealing with a large number of campaigns. In fact, the lead source name should cover broader meanings related to the campaign and future program. Changing the campaign names from time to time can create a problem and it becomes hard to maintain them. Make a campaign name based on the category for a specific contact source.

Do Not Complicate Things

Lead source or parent lead should be the one that involves all other leads. You just find out the overall source of all possible chances of leads and then maintain the one with a concise label. You can use common webinars, conferences, trade shows for different categories of leads but it is advised to keep some specific leads out of these programs. Lead source techniques are implemented when the leads are new. Therefore by performing a routine inspection of your platforms, you can have a chance to change things for the better.

These are some of the best practices for lead sources in the Engagement Platform. You can take the help of tools like VLeads that integrate with your engagement platform and assist you with its rich features like generating campaigns for social media leads, email configuration generating leads through emails, better lead distribution, and more. Also, if the lead sources have been established, you can reset and leave lead origins as accomplishments and run promotions for transforming the old values into relevant and more descriptive fields. This eventually helps in calculating the Return On Investment (ROI) of the different marketing campaigns and identifying the most important lead sources.

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