Boost conversion rate by assigning leads to suitable sales agents

Boost Conversion Rate by Assigning Leads to Suitable Sales Agents

Converting a lead is the most important step in the sales pipeline and there are various factors that revolve around it. One huge chunk of the work is gathering all the leads together, while the other is to convert most of these gathered leads to successful sales. Imagine you are a team lead and you see many prospective leads that can be easily converted, but the leads are not attended on time or the leads are not handled well. These reasons are more than enough for your competitors to outshine and delivery services that you were unable to, due to lack of proper lead management.

One way to tackle this issue is to ensure that the leads that come from various sources are attended to and assigned to the right sales agents. This not only boosts the conversion rate but would also ensure that the customer is not left in the dark and efficiency of each agent is improved. For this each lead that is generated must pass though a polished Lead management system. Minavo’s VLeads takes care of all the leads from various sources in a single panel and assigns leads to right agent who can convert leads into sales.

VLeads has different ways to assigns leads to agents. An admin or a team lead can manually assign leads from the system to agents whom they feel are capable of converting them. Agents can also pick up leads from the system depending on the scenario and assign them to themselves so that they can work on it. VLeads also has the option of assigning the leads based on an algorithm. This way all the leads are assigned to agents equally based on various factors such as availability.

Few steps to boost conversion rates:

Assign leads to agents who are available: Suppose if the agent is on a holiday, there is no point of having leads being assigned to him as there would be no one to look after his queue.

Ensure that leads are distributed to all agents equally: This makes it easy for the agents give time to each lead and work on them.

Marking status in system: As the agents are working on the leads, it is important that they mark the current status of the lead. In there is an option to choose the status of the leads so that the entire team is aware of the proceedings. Tracking the lead is essential for boosting conversion rates.

Analysing agent performance: Admins can look into to the lead history to analyse what went well or what went wrong. This helps agents to work on their weak points and perform better the next time.

It is ideal that you choose a simple tool so that the agents can focus on the leads and not toggle between various tools. Admins and team leads can also keep track of each lead to ensure it is handled and converted.

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