Create Automated Reminders to your Potential Business Leads with Minavo's VLeads

Any business, be it large medium or small, must invest in good Lead management software as it is the backbone of sales in any organization. Giving leads the information they need so that they become potential customers is the main objective of lead management. Minavo Telecom Networks, a leading SAAS provider has been providing telecom services and provides an efficient lead management solution- VLeads.

 The first step of the lead management software is to get hold of all leads. VLeads ensure all your leads are captured from various sources and the genuine leads are identified and filtered. These leads are assigned to agents who can then convert a lead into a successful sale. This is when the sales process actually begins. It is ideally important to nurture leads and develop a relationship with the buyers so that they would be convinced to choose your product. An effective lead nurturing strategy can have a huge impact on your business and an automated reminder in VLeads is one such strategy.

Let’s take an example of a car service company. This company can upload all the bulk leads into the system or VLeads would capture the leads from the website or social media sites. These leads could contain details of all the customers who own a car and the details about when the car was last serviced. These details will be displayed on the agent’s dashboard. The agents can cold call the customers and enquire if they would like to service the car and mention the various offers the company provides to the user. But it would be idle to call up those customers who haven’t serviced the car for a while for those are the customers who would take up the service. The company can also set automated reminders in VLeads regarding the next service date so that an SMS or an auto recorded phone would be sent to the customer.

Rules for the automated reminder can be set up in VLeads for all those users whose car needs to be serviced within the next 30 days. Once this rule is set up, a reminder would be sent to the user either through SMS or call. Customers love this kind of engagement and leave them satisfied and happy. The advantage of this kind of engagement is that a personal relationship is built with the customer without much cost and effort as there would be many users with an upcoming car service and it would be extremely difficult to keep track of it manually. So an automated reminder from the system would remind the user and also generate business for the company. The reminder can be an SMS which could be very simply with the next service date and time or it could be call which plays a recording.

VLeads is extremely user friendly and setting up a reminder can be done with few just few steps. Companies can also choose if they want a recorded call or if they would want to talk the customer directly and remind them about the car service date. In such scenarios the system would dial out to the user automatically and once the call is picked, any agent who is available is connected. VLeads can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the business and Minavo Telecom Networks ensures to keep the client happy by providing premium service.

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