Distinctive Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Business Organizations

Distinctive Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Business Organizations

Unlike any conventional methods of telephony that were mostly used in earlier times, mostly involving the installation of physical PBX system in different office locations, Cloud telephony services would be able to host all telephony switching equipment within various data center facilities. The voice would be then delivered over IP networks to get directed to multiple office locations, via IP phones that are linked to LAN.

Understanding cloud telephony

Cloud telephonic systems are fully-managed voice communication services that work seamlessly with your typical broadband connections. In such network connections, the staple service platform lets administrators and users access everything through centralized cloud portals.  Some companies have switched to using cloud-based telephony services.

Cloud telephone service would also let businesses integrate all their communication services into single, consistent entities across multiple devices and locations. Just by simplifying the process of communications through Cloud telephony, businesses would be able to enjoy much-improved productivity, significantly reduced costs of communications and improved productivity as well.

Benefits of cloud telephony

The range of advantages that business organizations get through cloud telephony services is quite productive. We have listed down a few benefits that your business can get through cloud telephonic services.

  1. Data Management – Business always rely on data for survival, from standard data like emails to critical business information. Not all data remains vital. However, all companies store data in organized and proper manner. Cloud telephonic services are based on data management features, and this helps in improvement of data availability and helps in reduction of disaster post recovery.
  2. Cost cutting – Could telephony services remain almost devoid of any support or maintenance work as free call services are offered to customers for contacting sites and offices. Through this way, all businesses can be little on expenditure budget while using cloud telephony. Employing off-site management and outsourcing strategies also leads to significant reduction in both time and effort management. All these tasks typically don’t intervene between business operations.
  3. 24*7 Access – Cloud-based telephonic systems would be reliable and flexible to use. Using EPABX systems would be helpful for the presence of employee’s offices. With cloud telephonic service, you can let employees work according to their convenience and any region and location.
  4. Data integration and migration – Through cloud telephony migrating storage infrastructure and server to service providers would result in many advantages like cost reduction, through reduced management, staff, and hardware overheads. Round the clock monitoring leads to enhanced efficiency and output.
  5. Flexibility – Increased flexibility is present for your business organizations as well as this would also deliver simple provisioning and nearly unlimited scalability. Quick and immediate changes are possible for suiting well with your requirements.
  6. Shared Infrastructure – The ability to share measured resources through virtualization concept fulfills cloud revolution by making a reduction in the cost factor. It also enhances the convenience of customers from being bound to use any proprietary telephony software and hardware.
  7. Little downtime – While you are accessing the phone system through the internet you will become quite sure that you have got availability of larger uptime. The worst-case scenario here would be your telephone system not working, and you are not able to make calls that you should, especially when you are involved in customer support operations. Cloud telephonic systems can get back fast almost instantly with just a few steps to continue with continuous communication.
  8. Covering multiple locations – Preferably, the most significant advantage that businesses can get while operating on cloud telephony is gaining rapid exposure over multiple locations. Most large companies nowadays work in multiple sites, often in various countries too. For proper execution of operations in different countries, companies would need to maintain multiple contracts and phone systems. However, with cloud telephonic systems, you just get a single system and cost for managing many locations.  

Almost all private and public sector organizations are dependent on cloud telephony for customer service and huge savings are possible through such systems. Increased efficiency, 24×7 support facility and savings on costs would be three of the key reasons for businesses to opt for cloud voice systems.

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