do you know these benefits of a toll-free number

For the past few years, business tactics have been changing dramatically. To stand out in this field, every business needs to provide the finest customer service. Regardless of the business domain, a toll-free phone number has a great significance in terms of branding, promoting, and interacting with consumers. 

A toll-free number means you can cater to customer’s query 24/7 which directly increase business productivity and customer satisfaction without much effort. It gives new customers and makes them stick for the long-term. The business goals can be achieved with a toll-free number by ensuring immense customer satisfaction. That’s why toll-free numbers have become an indispensable business asset these days.

How toll-free numbers can serve in different ways in any business?

Well, with the growth in business, product demand also grows. As a result, customer interaction is also required to better know their demands and needs. Poor interaction can ruin any business and it is not possible to meet each of the customers. Here comes the role of a toll-free number which appears to be valuable at that time. 

  • Improved Customer Service: Customers should be on high priority so as to increase the business productivity. If any issues occur, they need to be properly directed and guided. Any business can improve the customer experience easily just on a call. Cloud-based toll-free numbers that Minavo provides, give a new solution to enhance customer service by connecting them to the concerned department. This will solve the consumers’ issues and queries in the most convenient way by dialing a few keys. 
  • Vanity Number: A vanity number is an easy toll-free customized number that can increase business recognition. It is very easy to remember thus people tend to call more on a vanity number than a regular toll-free number. It is also used as a marketing tool by business owners. Having a vanity number can help you get useful insights by tracking the source of the incoming call. Also, you can route your calls with Minavo’s VAgent directly to the concerned department on the basis of callers; consequently, increasing  the sale. Though with little more expenses it can prove to be a good ROI and promotional tool.
  • Toll-free Hotlines: Many Non-profit organizations are using toll-free hotlines to get donations over the phone for emergency relief and aid. Many government and non-government organizations use it as a helpline to accommodate pledges, services for relevant advice, and support to the public. For example, Childhelp; runs the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD) to relieve abused and neglected children. They are working to take actions against child labor, child trafficking, child abuse, child marriage, and homeless children.
  • Voice Broadcasting Software: This mass communication technique is proving itself to be the best to provide the information for a large audience in no time. Using this Voice Broadcasting technique with Minavo’s VDialer it becomes easy to live-stream the announcement, alerts, or other important information on a single click. The voice campaigns over the internet can reach a large number of people in just one go. These voice portals are used in various industries like healthcare, epidemics, first aid, lifestyle, banking, e-commerce, programs, laws, and guidelines.
  • Reality Show Voting: Now there is a new trend of using toll-free numbers on TV shows. From singing to dancing all sorts of reality show producers usetoll-free numbers to collect votes for their show contestant. Each contestant is assigned a different toll-free number which viewers can use to vote their favorite participant. The audience is given the opportunity to call on the toll-free numbers for a fixed interval as the voting lines remain open for a fixed time only. There are many reality shows using this toll-free number voting method to keep the audience excited and engaged in their show.

Having a toll free number gives any business a different identity and helps you stand out from the crowd in the market. Also, it is a mark of trust that allows customers to contact businesses in a convenient way. It opens the door to expand any business by allowing you to serve the customers that are beyond your local circle. With a toll-free number, any business can grow and customers can be established in different locations. This helps you start the business in a more effective way and offers worldwide popularity. 

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