Enter Cloud Telephony with the Leading Service Provider

Enter Cloud Telephony with the Leading Service Provider

The purpose behind the coming into existence the technology like Cloud Telephony is that, now you can make or receive phone calls and SMS any time, any place without the connection of wires upfront setup costs on equipment. The integral characteristic is that you can pick and make phone calls with your own mobile phone or the landline numbers.

Cloud Telephony is quick, easy and most importantly affordable for any size of business. Large scaled companies afford to invest millions of dollars on setting up of the phone systems and then integrating them with their customer care systems. Other than that for SME such systems are not only prohibitive in respect of costs but also takes a lot of time to establish the system and get working.

There are few pointers lined up to give you the clearer picture of the various advantages of Cloud Telephony.

  • Cost effective: Setting up of normal phone systems is going to cost you astronomical amounts. What all you need to do is to spend money on buying equipment like handsets, softphones, training, and gateways/routers.
  • Time to set up: Traditionally landline systems takes a lot longer time in setting up and then coming to in the use. Almost around a week for everything like payment collection, wiring and then finally installation.
  • Reliability: Many times your phone systems gone down because the roads were dug up or the wires were laid badly, right? Such downtimes are abolished with cloud telephony systems services provided by Minavo Telecom Networks as the product comes with built in reliability with the most affordable prices in the industry.
  • Flexibility: Supposedly you’ve purchased a costly IVR system from one of the prominent vendors. Everything works great, but then you want to change the audio that is played when a particular option is chosen. You just can’t do it yourself; you have to call up the IVR system provider’s support guy. With Cloud Telephony Technology you can modify everything about your Phone from audio to play, who picks up the call, and additionally, times your business is open at the click of a button.
  • Track everything: All your calls and SMS are tracked and stored. All the Data can downloaded for custom time periods in Excel format and can be used for monitoring as to how many calls were attended, which agent specifically attended most number of calls, which times do you get calls at the most, how many people do you need picking calls up and so on. Obviously, getting all this data with your IVR/EPABX system is going to be a very tedious task.

So above are few of the benefits which actually clarify the picture of Cloud Telephony advantages and for the reliable services You can visit or contact MINAVO  Telecom Networks any time you feel such need.

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