For the Top-class customer care services get in touch with smart call routing.

For the Top-Class Customer Care Services get in Touch with Smart Call Routing

By definition call routing system is also known as automatic call distribution or ACD, which means it is used as a tool that can route calls to individual agents or queues based on pre-established standards such as in the day-time a caller dials for a business. Call routing engine has begun as the hardware, but now it has evolved in many ways over the period of time. Now, many routing engines are part of a computer telephony integration system (CTI). A CTI-based routing engine enables users to quickly adjust routing rules, without any IT assistance. There are many levels of sophistication to routing engines.

While the call routing services is transparent to the customer and assures the better call quality, it also helps in facilitating the home operators to get bigger margins for calls routed to home, proving to be a benefit for both. With smart call routing, the call center server gathers information about the incoming call and uses it to determine the appropriate routing which ultimately results into quality service to the customer. And in case, if the additional information is required, an IVR treatment can be used to further qualify or identify the customers. Then the call is routed to the local or remote agent with the right skills in order to handle it in a better way, while providing the maximum satisfaction to the clients.

Benefits of Smart Call Routing,

  • Improved call resolution rates because calls are directed to the right agent at the first instance.
  • Faster call processing times as hand-offs and wait times are minimized.
  • Reduced costs per call.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through more knowledgeable and efficient service.
  • Increased number of calls handled without adding agents. This is achieved by shortening call duration which increases the numbers of calls agents can handle.

Other than that, withholding extensions (also know as ACD, or automatic call distribution queues) multiple callers can be on hold simultaneously, being connected to the next available employee automatically. Calls can also be routed using “rotational extensions” so that each employee receives an even share of calls each day. This is a great way to run a sales office to ensure everyone has an equal chance of taking calls.

Minavo Telecom Networks  has made it possible for small enterprises as well to access advanced call center technologies that were once available only to large enterprises. With intelligent call routing, you don’t have to be a big business to look like one to your customers.

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