Give your customers a feel of Grand Business, Get a Cloud IVR

“They guide your customers with a sense of satisfaction.”

Minavo™  help its callers to have the full information and facilitates 100% uptime. Your customers will always find a way to connect your agent and gather the full knowledge and can sort out their queries. Your team will never be held back by downtime. Therefore, there will be no need to invest in any such software and hence, no need for any downtime for installation or training period.

Secondly the most important factor for which Minavo is known for, it’s Improved Communication. Cloud IVR or Cloud based IVR provides the enhanced version of customer communication. Their skilled based routing system enable you to send calls to your agents based on their ability to help your customers. The key advantage of their routing solution is that your customers will reach to your agents at a very short span of time and without wasting their (customer’s) valuable time on hold.

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Scalability is an important feature of IVR Solution. As the world is changing by the time, only one thing which remain constant and that is a change. Therefore, for the changing business environment, Minavo hosted IVR can be altered at any given time, according to your business needs. This flexibility of the solution enables you to increase or decrease the use according to your need.

Third, vital component of their Cloud based IVR is, it has been engineered in such a way that it meets all the safety and security standards set by the government and several industries. This includes PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance, and FISMA compliance.

It offers you the increased and enhanced level of efficiency. It helps you in maximizing the quality levels of contact center while minimizing the operating costs. Internally, one can expect the more efficient and the reliable solution and secure with an improved experience for your customers. They host and manage your contact center and make efforts to give pleasing and seamless experience.

The last but not the least, their team hard working team of experienced and professional personnel provides you with the exhaustive reporting that supplies you with the quality results by the time. This data will enable you to identify the trends, analyzing, interpreting and monitoring the problematic areas in order to improve the efficiency of your customer services and ensure your cloud based IVR is running up to the mark as it should be.

Now, while summarizing all the facts and the data Minavo has proven its potential by delivering the best of the cloud based IVR solutions, if you are the one wandering for any such solution, you are certainly at the right place.

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