Smart call routing intuitively directs the call to your phone or the headset simply pauses the music for the incoming call and enables you to answer the call automatically, by simply putting the earphones in your ears. Wouldn’t it be great if the callers could be routed to the agents with the best skills and experience to answer their queries and to resolve their issues? Well, that’s the intelligent idea behind the smart routing also known as “predictive” call routing.

This is one of the finest features in a standard call center systems of the large companies. But, now is available for virtual phone systems for SBMs, too. A Research suggests that investment in smart call routing is as important as the investment in keeping wait times down. It has the capability to interrogate the multiple line of the business databases immediately or to be specific instantly opens up the wide range of possibilities of using smart call routing system by connecting the caller to the most intelligent agent. This automatically implies that efforts and investment in the call center and being spent over the short wait times, should also invest some over the small call routing where the call is automatically gets routed to the most efficient or say the suitable agent having the best chances of resolving your issues and meeting the customer’s need.

There is the list of various advantages, which makes your picture for smart routing more clear.  

  • Saves time and eliminates Frustration: A caller routing to the same agent with whom you’ve talked to yesterday will automatically results into effective outcomes, while he will be familiar with the whole story and all the steps taken in regard to that particular issue a customer need not to start it all over again. This technique is much more productive and hence, satisfies the customer efficaciously.
  • Pairing up the caller to the most appropriate employee: That’s another important feature of the smart call routing, the customer’s call is going to be handed over to the appropriate agent results into saving time and frustration and also increase the goodwill of your company.

Here, where ‘SMART’ gets ‘SMARTER’ any captured data specific to the caller’s identity enables the searching of the CRM database, which can help you with the most important and the relevant information such as Account history, interaction history and language preference etc.

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