How Easily you can Manage all your Leads at one Place with VLeads

Minavo, a leading SaaS provider, provides a Lead management SolutionVLeads which is packed with various features so that you would not require any other tools to manage your leads. It collects, filters and distributes leads from various channels and ensures none of your leads go missed. When businesses look out for a lead management solution they look out for the best and without a proper lead management tool, it will be difficult to manage the lead with just an excel sheet.Irrespective of the enterprise, small, medium or large, they all require a lead management system that is simple, cost effective and easy to use. VLeads has many features that make it a must have tool to manage all your leads.

The major issue that a company will face if they do not have a good lead management solution are as follows

(1) Lead Leakage: Leads can come from different sources like Websites, cold calls, emails, ads etc, as the number of leads becomeshigher;thereare chances that the some leads go unattended. It would also be difficult for agents to look into different tools. In VLeads, all the leads from various sources can be found in one place and no leads go unattended. The agents have more details to converse with the customer as all the details of the source and the date/time of the lead can be seen in the panel.

(2) Missed Follow-up: It is very important that the agents follow up with the leads. A company could miss the opportunity of a successful sale as there are chances that competitors could reach out to the lead before you could. With VLeads,you could set the follow up date and time so that the tool reminds you to follow up with the lead.

(3) Lack of proper Engagement: If a lead is not engaged from the start to the end they could turn away from your product and choose your competitor.VLeadsensures each lead is properly engaged from the start till the lead is converted into a sale. Leads are classified into the different categories and more focus can be given to the leads that are “Somewhat interested” compared to the leads that are “Not interested”. Each lead is assigned to an agent and the entire history of the lead is recorded, so in case another agent handles the lead they can refer the history in VLeads and assist the lead accordingly.

Outlined below are few of the features of VLeads that are notable:

User friendly

The entire layout of VLeads is designed in such a way the both Admins and agents can use it easily. Each lead that is generated is captured by system and is displayed with the details of the source, the date and time of lead generation and is automatically assigned to an agent. Bulk leads can be easily uploaded by just uploading the excel file which contains all the lead details. All the leads can be easily viewed using filters in the VLeads panel as they are sorted as per the date.


VLeads can be customized as per your business requirements. Emails can be easily configured with VLeads so that you can send and receive emails directly. Also the leads that are generated from the Social media sites can easily be captured by the system and no addition tool or software is required to capture them.

CRM integration

You can integrate existing company CRM tools with VLeads so that you can manage all your data from one place. Agents do not have to use to two tools or switch between tools toassist customers and all the data are available in the VLeads panel.

Follow-up Remainders

Certain leads request the agents to get in touch with them after a couple of days.  Agents do not have to use another other tool but instead can set up a follow-up date and VLeads does all the work of reminding the agent that he needs to follow up with the lead again.

Case Notes

VLeads come with the case notes feature. Agents do not require another toll or notepad to make notes.Here agents can make a note of important points while having a conversation with the lead. This is very extremely useful in cases when another agent has to handle the lead so he can just refer the case notes and assist the lead accordingly.

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