How Lead Management Solutions Play a very Important Role in Business Growth.

Customers do a lot of research before investing on anything and the way people buy productsnow have changed. Gone are the days when advertisements used to flash on the TV screens and people run to the stores to purchase the product. With everything online these days the customer can purchase various products and services online, where they have number of options. This makes it very important for companies to stand out so that the customers pick them and their products or services.Leads are those potential customers who have shown interest in your product through various sources such as social media, website enquiry etc. The backbone for successful sales operation is getting new leads and how those leads are managed.

During the initial stage of the business you would have a hand full of leads that can be managed very easily but as the business grows the number of leads would also grow. This is where Lead management comes to the rescue.Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking and managing prospective customers and engaging them as it helps the company grow and generate business. Without proper Lead Management Solutions, it becomes a challenge for the companies to manage leads in an efficient and effective way.

There are many issues that a company will face if they do not have a lead management solution to manage the large number of leads.

(1) Lack of proper Engagement: Sometimes a lead could turn away from your product and choose your competitor if they do not find the services offered by you satisfactory. With the lead management solution you can keep track of what the customer is looking for and his major requirements. For instance companies like Minavo offers a Lead Management Tool called the VLeads. It ensures each lead is properly engaged from the start till the lead is converted into a sale.Leads are classified into the different categories and more focus can be given to the leads that are “Somewhat interested” compared to the leads that are “Not interested”. Each lead is assigned to an agent and the entire history of the lead is recorded, so in case another agent handles the lead they can refer the history in VLeads and assist the lead accordingly.

(2) Missed Follow-up:Leads could ask agents to follow up with them after a few days.It is very important that the agents follow up with the Leads on the date and time mentioned otherwise there are chances that competitors could reach out to the lead before you could, missing your opportunity of a successful sale. In VLeads, you could set the follow up date and time so that the tool reminds you to follow up with the Lead.

(3) Lead Leakage: With many leads coming for different sources, there are chances that the some leads go unnoticed. Leads could come from Websites, cold calls, emails, ads etc. Without a proper lead management tool, it will be difficult to manage the lead with just an excel sheet. In Vleads, all the leads from various sources can be found in one place and no leads go unattended. It also provides details of the source and the date and time of the lead, so that the agents have more details to converse with the customer.

The Leads are captured from various sources like social media, websites, cold calls etc and entered into the system once proper analysis is done you can identify the leads that are genuine and can distribute the leads to agents. The leads can be assigned in set criteriaor certain leads can be specifically assigned to the best agents so that they can convert the lead. Some leads might not be interested at the moment;such leads can be nurtured by sending them relevant content about your product and services that would convince them to choose you.

Lead management has many advantages and it is a must have tool for business. Listed below are the advantages:

-> Every Lead is tracked and no lead goes missed.

-> Following up with the customers can be done correctly and on time.

-> Detailed case history for each lead, help companies to determine what went well and what went wrong.

-> Agents need not look for leads in different tools as all the information are present at one place itself.Leads from different sources along with the date and time are listed in the dashboard that will help agents converse with the customer.

A leading SaaS provider Minavo offers a Lead management Solution –VLeads which is packed with various features that help your business grow. It collects, filters and distributes leads from various channels and ensures no leads go missed. VLeads can be easily integrated with CRM tools and all your data is saved securely on cloud. It is a cost effective and an essential tool for small and large businesses.

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