How To Measure Sales When Agents Are Working Remotely

Working from home has become the new norm these days. Many companies across the world have shifted to remote work culture. Remote work comes with its own challenges but proper strategy and the right tool can make it work out.

The connection and communication with team members certainly help to track their work. For good results, it is necessary to maintain solid relations between the team members. Though it is not possible to regularly measure your team’s effectiveness as you can’t manage to see their every move, the sales productivity doesn’t have to suffer.

You’ll have to create official channels so that you can stay in touch with members of your team regardless of what platforms they are working on. Tracking the performance of employees by keeping an eye on them is possible with the utilization of the right tools. For measuring the productivity of the employees who are working remotely, it is necessary to ensure the right tools, processes, and practices are adopted.

Some of the measurement strategies are:

Track Call Volume: While working remotely the only way for customer engagement is “call”. Call volume plays a vital role in the sales process. Call volume is one of the most useful performance metrics to track the sales teams and customer service executives.

Start by tracking the call volume for each person of the sales team. It helps you understand how well your employees are performing. You can use a virtual number under a cloud contact center that tracks the total data depending on the total number of calls received, missed, and answered. You can also use CRM to get insights. Set the daily, weekly, or monthly target for achievable calls. This will help you to analysis the performance of the agents.

Calls Converted To Sale: After the call volume, keep an eye on the won deals which are considered to be more impactful. How many reps are converting the calls into a won sale decides their performance for the company.

Try to understand and measure how many sales have been done by each representative. Tracking such things can measure how effective your staff can work remotely. In this way, you can even decide the priority of a person and the others.

Tracking the Performance: While you track the performance it is necessary to measure the effectiveness of your outreach activities. With some smart tools, you can get insights on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This will help you check the behavior of customer and from these insights you can make effective strategies for your business. On the other hand, smart tools can also let you find the data that defines the reason for less sale.

Utilize Sales Tools: For remotely working salespeople, it is necessary to have some of the right tools. The use of sales tools allow the members to collaborate with each other to sell the product all over the targeted location. Insufficient tools have a direct impact on sales. So never avoid the tools that can help in increasing productivity and sales.

Leads Generated: Closely track the source of the leads. Know from where the main target is coming through. It is essential to know whether it is through social media, email campaigns, or networking at virtual conferences. It is necessary to manage and improve the future remote sales strategy. Further, access the online dashboard with the help of the sales metric and notice the total leads converting from the remote agents.

Measure the progress: Tools like Basecamp allows the team members to notify the whole team whenever a task is completed. Such tools are good for marketing function and sale purposes. Progress measuring tools are effective and handy which helps you to stand in the future business market.


Tracking and measurement of remote workers are helpful to the employees to stay connected with each other. These measurements are necessary and have proved that they can get things done to the point that companies have been thinking.

On the other hand, using such tools managers can keep an eye on the performance of the remote employees. These tools and technology allow you to revise and adapt your systems regularly to give high revenue and productivity. It can ease the burden caused by the workload and also keep each employee productive, even during stressful times.

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