How you can Manage Complete Lead Cycle with VLeads

How you can Manage Complete Lead Cycle with VLeads

For all businesses lead is a selling opportunity and the backbone of business revenue. With multiple sources for lead generation, businesses must ensure the lead management process is enhanced.Improper management of leads would cause loss of customers and in an environment where there are many competitors, it is important that a strategic approach is applied in the lead management process to produce higher conversion rates and maximum profit.

VLeads by Minavo is lead management software that is developed to cater the lead management needs of not just small or large enterprises but also the medium sized enterprises as well. The software collects, filter and distribute leads from different channels and it ensure no leads go unattended. VLeads is packed with a lot of features that you would not need another tool to manage leads and it can be integrated with various other help-desk tools such as CRM so that you would not have to use different tools to assist customers and all of it can be done from a single tool.

The lead cycle with VLeadsis as follows:

(1) Customer inquiry and data capture. This process is also known as Lead Capture

The most important step in the lead management process is the lead generation. There are various sources that generate the lead. Social Media, Websites, Feedback forms, Cold calls are few examples of the sources of a lead. Suppose if a person comes across your company from a friend, then he might check out your company website and would want to get more details of the product or the service offered by the company. In such a scenario VLeads can capture the data that is entered by the lead from the website. VLeads can collect leads from various sources and it would display all the leads in the panel. All the leads are sorted as per the date and time and can be filtered according to the requirement.

(2) Lead Tracking.

Once all the leads are captured by the system the next step is to identify if the lead is genuine and if they are potential buyers.It is important to identify which part of the sales process they stand, for example “Not interested”,“Interested but not right now”etc.VLeads assigns each lead to different agent as per an algorithm. The agents can reach out to the leads through the system itself either through phone calls, emails or SMS. Agents do not have to use another tool to make phone calls or send emails. These can be done from the VLeads panel itself. Security is also not compromised as there is a feature to hide the leads number so that agents would not be able to see the details and the system would call the lead and connect the assigned agent.

(3) Filtering and distribution of Lead.

Agents can categorise leads based on the position in the sales process. The leads those are not very interested in buying the product or service can be marked in the panel so that time is not wasted on those leads again and focus can be put on the other leads instead.Another feature in VLeads is that the admins can assign leads to particular agents of their choice. This is helpful if the admins require certain leads to be handled by experienced sales agents. Leads can also be assigned by agents to different teams if they feel the lead needs more details. VLeads has a case notes feature and the agents can make notes and assign them to different teams.

(4) Nurturing the Lead.

Some leads may not be interested at the moment but that does not mean they would not change their mind in the future. These leads can be set with the appropriate statuses in VLeads. So engaging these leads with things they find interesting through different channels, gives the customers a positive image of the company and they might consider the company in the future. Emails with valuable details and content can be sent to the lead from the system itself. Personalized emails or emails with generic details can be sent to the leads and this can be configured with VLeads itself.

(5) Closing the Lead.

This is the last and the most important step in the sale process. It is important that a relationship is built between the customer and the company. The customer must be convinced to choose your company over that of your competitors. Set up meetings and showing them product demos is one such way to convince the customer.VLeads helps you to convert all your leads to successful sales and allows you to track all the activities from the start and you can also set up dates for meetings with customers from the panel.

Minavo  can provide you SaaS solutions based on your requirements. It has been catering to several customers with premium service for years. Reach out to Minavo for details about lead management system-VLeads and various other advanced telecom products and stay ahead of your competitors.

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