n the Growing Technology times have IVR on Cloud

In the Growing Technology times have IVR on Cloud

Employing people to sit around and answer phones all the day, can be a costly undertaking for small businesses, isn’t it? That is why, to make sure that your staff is as productive as possible, many businesses nowadays are coming with the concept of phone-answering system with interactive voice response (IVR) technology. IVRs allow computers to respond to customer calls by solving their issues and providing them with answers to their questions.

You face a series of unique challenges, when you are managing the call centre. While working in the call centre one needs to be very flexible to an often shifting workload and the issue of high employee turnover. These challenges can be faced by implementing an interactive voice response (IVR) solution that can help route calls effectively while tracking both caller and traffic patterns.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how an IVR on cloud solution can assist your business in streamlining the call flows and enhancing the overall operational performance and efficiency by routing customers to the right service agents immediately.

  1. Lower the Operating Costs
    One and the foremost advantage where cloud IVR solutions prove very effective is in reducing business expenses. When calls are allowed to flood the call centre with zero flow control, time is wasted and resources can be misused. Whereas implementing a cloud-based IVR solution is the best way to segmenting callers into logical groups and then passing them directly to the agent who can best service their needs.
  2. Simple Scalability
    Another advantage of using a cloud-based IVR is its scalability. Because the system as like of phone hardware. Above all the process of installation is extremely easy.. The process is as simple as logging into a web-based dashboard and making changes.

With cloud IVR solutions, there is no need to maintain or install hardware and it is flexible as in it can be used as per your business needs.

  1. Redundancy
    If you’ve worked with an on-location IVR system before, you already know how critical it is to manage those systems. You’re probably also aware of how frequently they can go down. With a cloud-based IVR solution, the chances of downtime are almost terminated.


  1. Performance Enhancing Tools

Your equation with cloud IVR systems also allows you to track employee performance. This means you have the access and the data to the amount of calls taken, overall call duration, percentage of overall work done versus their co-workers, and how efficiently they took over the client’s issues and other requirements. This enables you to keep the safe track of individual employee productivity and overall performance. This feature assists in identifying problem employees and coaching rookies.

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