It is possible to reach the Potential Client without Human Effort now!

It is possible to reach the Potential Client without Human Effort now!

A client or a customer is the basis of any business, no matter whether it’s related to a product or a service. With the advancement in digital marketing and other tech platforms, various companies have transformed their business strategies to the next level. They are continuously trying to offer superior customer/client experience. 

With automated solutions, it has become easier to reach clients/customers. The best part about these automated solutions is that they require almost no human efforts to reach the client. These solutions help to make the manual work of sales and support teams easier through smart solutions. This further eases the experiences of the customers which helps to become time-efficient and decreases the effort from both ends. Minavo provides this kind of tech. solutions like cloud telephony solutions which aids in automating customer communications. With the change in time, business needs have also changed and the technology has come up with innovative solutions to solve the problems and to survive in the competitive business market.

Nowadays most of the businesses can be achieved by reaching out to their prospective clients through cloud-based smart solutions. 

Access to the smart dashboard enables businesses to create and organize automated campaigns. These campaigns can reach your potential client without any active human involvement. Furthermore, the introduction of other advanced tech-based tools like the progressive dialer, IVR, voicebots, and automated outbound calls have made human based efforts to reach the clients much easier. Various companies are using these techniques to transform the methods of connecting with their customers. Minavo provides these techniques to their customers to evolve the way of connecting with the customers and enhance the experience of business.

What is the Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is an advanced contact center management that runs on the cloud. It doesn’t need any hardware installation rather it is a software-based program. Furthermore, it can be integrated with almost all major CRMs. Hence, contact center CRM doesn’t move you away from their CRM tools. Instead of that it makes your CRM tools smarter and helps you to work efficiently. It allows your team to work remotely and still be connected through a single dashboard. The cloud center is a reliable, secured, and smarter solution to manage the sales and support team.

The collaboration of AI into business strategies is evolving the way the businesses are connecting with their prospective clients. The latest technique that has been trending and helping a lot the businesses in every industrial vertical is automated communication. This solution is reducing human efforts while optimizing operations. The best part is that it is accessible at an affordable cost. Minavo’s cloud contact center offers multiple AI-based benefits that deliver seamless communication. There are some effective methods of connecting clients and these will help you to connect with your prospective clients and customers automatically.

Ways to Connect with your Potential Clients without Human Effort

Provide an Automated Customer Response via IVR

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system offers a quick response to the client who wants to reach your business. A multi-level IVR can be created by programmable extensions; you can leave a direct and desired message to your caller at any time. You can easily configure it with easy CRM integration. Furthermore, you can set up a multi-level IVR with the desired sub-menus with multiple options. These options help you to choose from the service that you offer to your potential customers. IVR saves the time and involvement of humans. It offers a human-like response and voice to provide friendly voice support to the caller. Later on, you can easily retrieve these automatically saved responses and save a lead that could have been missed.

Besides an automated call, you will also be benefitted from additional features like call recording. It will help you to analyze your automated call response through IVR. You can also have access to real-time reports and analytics with the help of the IVR. It helps you to build your next marketing campaign with the help of insights. Minavo’s VAgent is the best IVR technology that any business can adopt.

Text-to-Speech technology 

You can enable Text-to-Speech integration to your existing CRM. It offers an enhanced experience to your customers. Text-to-Speech technology can incorporate multiple accents that include English and Hindi and other regional languages based on the target locations. This automated Indian based communication accents will reduce your operational cost as well as human efforts and helps you in reaching out to the potential client of customers. 

The pitch of the voice can also be controlled by this technique. It depends on the type of automated call that has been placed. It can be better understood by through this example where a promotional offer call will be presented in a voice that is showing excitement on the other hand if it is a service call, the voice will be professional.

Progressive Dialer 

A progressive dialer comes with quick CRM integration. It creates a great impact on connecting with your customers. This feature allows you to merge the marketing campaigns with the data of the client’s details. Automated calls can be made more effective with a selected set of data. It reduces the human effort of calling each client and saves your time. If the client shows interest in further communication and wants to know more details, then only a real agent can be connected through call routing. 

Generally, in most of the businesses, the quality leads are generated via automated calls. Because of automated calls, businesses can focus on other operations and can automate their customer communication.

Use Voicebots & Automate your Communication

Voicebots are an AI-enabled feature. They can also be integrated with all major CRMs easily in your system. Voicebots offer the advantage of providing your customers with a human-like voice. This integration of voicebots makes sure that automated communication will take place while reaching out to your clients. 

All the factors mentioned above can help you connect with your potential audience. It includes a little or almost no human effort. Minavo provides you all these smart solutions. Every smart solution has access to the online dashboard. It has real-time analytics to generate deep insights to serve the customers in a better manner in the future.

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