Lead Nurturing and its importance in business growth

Most businesses think that gathering and converting the lead is the most important steps in sales. Well there is a whole lot of work between gathering and collecting that needs to similar attention. Not all leads are converted at a single interaction and it might require additional efforts for it to be a sale. This process of engaging with the leads and nurturing them is called lead nurturing.

Not every lead that you get is ready to buy your product. It is important to engage with them and make them aware of your products so that they get interested. You could send the customers details of your products, newsletters or new product launch details based on their interest. This makes the customer reach out to you first whenever they are looking for products.

The following are the effective ways to Lead nurturing:

Follow up with your leads

Reach out to you leads to understand their requirements. Provide them with enough material so that they would prefer to reach out to you then compared to your competitors. Minavo’s VLeads, a Lead management software, contains options to set follow-ups for leads in the system. This will remind the agent to get back to the customer.

Provide relevant details

Provide the customer with the relevant details based on the customer’s knowledge on the product and the company. There is no point providing the customer all the details all at once.

Reaching out to the customer

Agents would have to constantly be in touch with the clients so that they develop interest for the products. It would be painstaking for the agent to keep shifting between various tools to assist the customer. Imagine calling the customer from one tool and sending an SMS from another tool. Having all these in one place makes it easy for both the client and agents. VLeads contains a Click to Call option so all the agent has to do is click the call button within the tool to connect to the customer. You can also send the customer an SMS with the details from within the tool itself.


If the marketing emails and SMS are sent to the customer in bulk, they would not care to read or even look at it. Customers will be able to connect more if it is more personalization. For example adding their name and details to it would grab their attention. VLeads have been developed in such way that marketing material like SMS can be sent in a personalized form.

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