Major difference between CRM and Lead Management Software

Many people often get confused between Lead Management Software and CRM (Customer Relationship Management system. Both tools are used to manage a customer’s engagement lifecycle and they have certain features that are quite similar. However they are two different tools with each having different capabilities. They can also be integrated together to form a powerful tool that can be used to increase business revenue.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is used to manage all the interactions with customers and is much more complex compared to the Lead management Software. You can see every interaction with the customer like customer details, service tickets raised by them etc from a single dashboard and the main aim of the tool is to centralize the data. Whereas the Lead management software has similar features, it gathers all the leads or details of potential customers from various sources like Social media, surveys etc in a single dashboard and the sales team can work on converting the leads to clients through various interactions.

CRM tool helps businesses to increases business efficiency and also helps to provide better customer service where as the Lead Management Software is valuable to track and monitor the leads so that you can achieve sales goals. Combing both the tools together provides you with a fail proof tool that will help you reach your business target.

Many businesses often make this mistake of choosing the wrong tool for the team. CRM tool does not focus much on the sales process though they can be used to track leads. It would not be ideal to have a sales person work on CRM tool as there would be a lot of data and information collection like name and contact details etc. This tool however is ideal for a customer care representative or a support team to keep track of the issues raised by customers etc. The lead management software helps the sales team to focus on converting the leads that are gathered by constant follow-ups and lead nurturing.

Minavo’s VManage is a CRM tool that can be used to collect customer information and can be used to keep track of every interaction between the business and the customer. The simple dashboard helps the reps to gather various data and can be used by admins to efficiently monitor the call logs and rep activity. Minavo also has a Lead management Software VLeads that is used by the sales team to convert a lead into a successful sale. VLeads can also be integrated with the CRM tool to yield more benefits for the business. All you have to do is let us know your business requirement and the software is custom made for your needs.

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