Never let a Missed customer call, become a Missed Catch of your business!

Never let a Missed Customer Call, become a Missed Catch of your Business!

There is no doubt in the fact that customers these days prefer to pick up the phone and call. Whether it’s about buying a product or service, complaining, or giving feedback on the product, they believe in calling. But what if you miss that one call that could have been a great business for you? What if you missed it because it wasn’t possible for your employees to be available 24*7? What if someone tries to reach your business and they get an engaged phone tone, it can annoy them. We live in a world that needs an instant response and has a lack of patience. Have you ever worried about what happens when your potential customers can’t reach you? They scroll the mobile screens and click the next search result in Google, or they click on another mobile ad. Unfortunately, you will lose the lead. Customers generally try to reach you through your business phone and end up with a missed call. They might have done enough research on your business and your competitors. But once you miss a call from them there are very fewer chances of them to calling you again. Some other things matter in a business when people call you.

Personal touch

Rather than communicating with an out-of-sight entity like an email or a website people prefer to call and speak to a person. So here the question arises that are you losing sales opportunities, by missing the calls? The answer is quite clear: Yes, you are and you need to be worried about it. You need to have a cloud telephony system to manage the business calls even when your employees are not available to take the calls.

What should you not do?

Sadly, various companies try to hide their phone numbers in a place that is not easily seen. They try to highlight an email id upfront. Rather than highlighting the business contact number, they try to put their business phone number in a small-sized font. A person needs a magnifying glass to note it down. This strategy is a terrible idea. Instead of helping, it prevents the customers to have a conversation with you. Have you also come up with this idea of giving lesser people access to your business telephone? Do you also think that it’s too time-consuming to keep answering calls? However, it is indeed challenging to keep answering the same questions over and over again but it is important. It upsets your potential customers when they cannot reach you at the right time. Whenever these kinds of thoughts come in your mind, remember that in a research done by Google and Ipsos in 2013 it has proven in the report that 47% of mobile searchers surveyed, said that any business website hasn’t attached a phone number with their search results, they rather like to explore other brands. Besides that, 61% of people feel that it is extremely important to be able to call the business during each phase of decision-making.

What’s the solution?

Like all other problems, this problem also has a solution. You can ensure that you never miss another inbound phone call from a potential customer. You don’t need call centers or dozens of salespeople for that. You just need to implement Minavo’s cloud-based IVR system. This system can direct the customers to pre-recorded information that tells them what they want to enquire about. You can also apply for a voicemail so that your potential lead can leave a message and a number for you to call back. All you need to remember is to check your voicemail messages regularly. In this way, you can call back the person who had tried to reach you and convert the lead into the business. 

Combine strategies 

You can also combine your web and voice strategies to make a good impression on a potential lead. You can set up a form on your website or landing page, on this page the customers can inquire. You can also implement an auto call-back feature on this page,. The moment the customer fills this form and clicks on ‘submit’, he or she will get a call right away, on the number listed in the form. When the call is answered by the customers, you can leave a recorded message to them and can promise the website visitor that a sales team will be in touch shortly. There is no need to set up any extra infrastructure to do this. It can be easily managed in the cloud.

The problem isn’t solved yet?

Before calling a cloud telephony company to implement these cost-effective solutions you need to decide who will pay for the call. Buyers who want to call you or you? It’s not good to put a financial burden on your caller; instead, it can be a costly mistake to make. When people get to know that they are paying the cost of talking to you they will try to cut the conversation short. In this situation, a toll-free number can save your potential client. But remember to opt for a number which is easy to manage in the cloud, something that is affordable for you and a boon to prospective callers. You can go one step further and enhance your phone interactions with your customers by implementing a call recording feature. This feature will record every conversation you have with a customer, play it later and find out what’s wrong and what’s right, before changing your communication strategy.


It’s the time to implement the inbound phone call strategy in your businesses; it is time to dial out the old, ring in the new, and to introduce a new way of doing business. It is completely up to you to choose or ignore this advice. You can put yourself in a situation where your customer gets frustrated and leaves your website or you can convert them into a good business by implementing Minavo’s IVR. Choose wisely.

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