Now get the most user-friendly Virtual call center solution.

Now get the most user-friendly Virtual Call Center Solution

Switching over to the virtual office can be very beneficial. A virtual call center means a call center in which the organization’s personnel are dispersed geographically, rather than being situated at work stations in a building operated by the organization.

This is the most suitable arrangement for most of the employees in an organization, often flexible office hours and there is no dress code or commute. Additionally, for the companies whose business is seasonal, Office article also means that they have to maintain all the business activities all the year round. The customer who supposedly dialing a customer service or technical support number usually have the impression that their call reaches to a physical department within the organization, whereas, it is likely to reach a company that outsources support for numerous different organizations.

While talking about the various benefits of Virtual call center, MINAVO has brought upon the numerous advantages for you and your organization. Below is the list of various benefits, those are,

  • Get a full featured call-center and a Hosted PBX.
  • Easy to design, deploy and support: With enhanced flexibility, you can spend lesser time managing the system and more time with your team. Their Project Managers and Network Architects will help you in designing a virtual call center solution which customize your business. Their dedicated account manager will facilitates you with proper guidance & provide full training via webinar, video and on-site presentation.
  • Cost effective with efficacious ROI: Minimizes or eliminate specialized hardware, software and IT expenses! In most of the cases, we reduce 80-90% of the upfront capital, installation, configuration and ongoing costs. Above all this not only cost effectiveness of cloud-based services, your ROI is easier to achieve by deducting deployment and training timelines.
  • Connect your CRM: The Call-In-1 solution together with voicemails, emails and CRM straight out of the box (with most major CRMs). Benefit from click-to-dial from the CRM screen, screen pops, conference calling, extension dialing and hot keys for pre-recorded voicemail messages.
  • Your’s Management Tool-set: Our vivacious team of highly professional experts always aims at increasing the productivity and simplifying the management, and that is the reason behind our huge clientele all over the world.
  • Reliable Network, Platform and interface: Their Call-In-1 virtual call center solution is feature-rich and managed through a user-friendly web interface.
  • Anywhere and anytime: Now adding the campaigns and removing the agents is just one click away. Office article is truly an ultimate solution that can suit perfectly to any business.

So now, in the end while summing up all advantages and benefits, these are some of the uses of having a virtual call center and if you are wandering for the quality services and the most reliable one you are certainly at the right place.

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