Stay ahead in the race, with Telecom IVR

Stay ahead in the race, with Telecom IVR

IVR is known as Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology in telecom industry which enables your client to interact with a company’s host system through voice recognition or by using DTMF tones as an input through keypad. DTMF is used as telecommunication signalling over analogy telephone lines in the voice frequency between telephone handsets and other devices which are used for communication.

IVR systems are used to control and monitor any function when the interface is broken into simple interactions. It is used to handle huge volume of calls. Telecom IVR is deployed into automobile systems to resolve satellite navigation and audio systems for hand free operations. There is the list of advantages such as, it minimizes the cost and maximizes the customer’s experience. Telephone banking, televoting and credit card services are the one of the best examples of IVR applications.

Telecom IVR system enables identification, segmentation and routing of callers to the most suitable agent within your team. It is a simple and an effective way and will significantly help in reducing cost and increasing efficiency within any company of any size.

IVRs also enables you to record customized greetings, messages and prompts so that when your customers call your company, they will have a personal attention and will feel more personalized towards the company. “Press 1 for Sales” taken to a whole new level.

If you prefer to not use your own voice on the IVR ,you want it to be more professional, you can use pre-recorded IVR messages as well. Professionalism made easy. One can’t think, better than this technology. IVRs gather information about your customer’s requirements and will transfer calls to the most appropriate agent or departments depending on their IVR input. When calls are directed to the right agents using technology, the probability of getting the caller connected to the wrong agent will be significantly reduced.

IVRs allow you to prioritize calls based on the caller’s value. When a high-valued customer calls, the IVR will automatically route them to the agent who is most qualified and can meet their needs effectively. And if in case, all of your agents are busy, they will be directed to the front of the waiting queue. Your staff will never lose a high-value customer due to slow answer time or any other reason. IVR systems allow companies to easily handle high call volumes. Callers will automatically be directed to the call centre agent or department that is most capable of meeting their needs or will wait in a queue when all agents are busy. Some IVR systems also allow the caller, the option of having an agent return their call rather than wait in a queue.

Regardless of what department the caller chooses, they will be routed to the person on your team assigned to answer all of the calls. With an IVR your customers will be impressed with your company’s professionalism. Minavo Telecom Networks has proved this to their clients now, in order to stay ahead join hands with Minavo Telecom Networks .

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