Get ready for new heights in your business with IVR Services.

Get the ultimate customer care solution with Telecom IVR

Profit earning is the main motive of any business, through the sales of its products and services. But these days most of the business transactions takes place over the telephone. However, in the recent days the new concept has come into existence i.e. Interactive Voice Response Systems whereby, businesses can save labor and better utilize employee resources, while still serving their client’s needs. Telecom IVR act as a virtual Receptionist who can answer and respond effectively 24*7 hours. Besides all IVR Services give business owners one less thing to worry about, while saving them thousands on labor-costs.

The specialty of having an IVR service in one’s business is, it works without the help of any additional staff and allow callers to access or retrieve personalized data with just a touch of a button. Additionally, it not only benefits your business but also advantageous for your valuable customers in number of ways.

With the flexible hours of the IVR services, business owners now have the opportunity of catering their clients throughout the world. Also, now with Telecom IVR it has become possible to retrieve the information comparatively faster and confidentially and without a wait.

Minavo  Telecom Networks is known for its professionally developed IVR services that are simply more convenient and cost-effective. With the simple installation of this newest technology your business can attend to high volume of calls without long waits and stressed receptionists. Their IVR services has been proved to be the best return on investment in the industry. The team of professionals at MINAVO  Telecom Networks works closely with you to develop a customized IVR solution that meets to your business requirements efficaciously.

Some of the specialized features are Integrated Voice Response System designed with the purpose to transfer calls to concern department, have recorded message over voice Mail in case executive is not available, Outbound calling systems, which can make sales calls and used to conduct surveys. IVR systems can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed.

Therefore, in the nutshell, if you are wandering for such an opportunity, then certainly you are at the right place. They guarantee you support with all the relevant issues and will guide you select and install the right system for your business, only after analyzing and evaluating your specific needs.

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