Audio Conference Calls

The major requirement for any business is communication and it is considered to be the backbone of all businesses. Effective communication plays a very important role in the growth and development of an industry. It is important that the employers, the employee and the customers have a proper interaction, as lack of proper communication hinders growth and causes issues within the business. This is the main reason why businesses incorporate the latest technology for effective communication. One such, cost effective technology is Audio conferencing that provides many benefits that increase business productivity.

Audio Conferencing is where two or more people from different locations are connected through an audio device, at a time, allowing them to communicate simultaneously. This requires no huge installations and can be set up in no time. Instead of calling each other, all the participants would call into a central system and they all would be connected. It has many advantages but the most significant feature is that it allows simultaneous communication and communication across different geographical locations which are both cost-effective and uncomplicated.

What is the need for audio conferencing especially when there are tools for communication like email or instant chat? That is the question that most of us come up with. Email and instant chat are great tools for teams to communicate and discuss but the main disadvantage is that both do no facilitate communication simultaneously. Suppose there is development team that wants to test a product with a testing team located in a different region. In such a scenario, dropping an email or a message on chat would not be an idle option to do as there would be some delay in this form of communication. With Audio Conferencing, the entire development team could have all the team members from the testing team on the call and discuss about the product simultaneously.


Employers would not have to invest on business travels of the employees just to attend a meeting. With Audio conferencing, meeting calls could be taken from anywhere, anytime, thereby reducing the cost of a company immensely. Another major advantage is that there is no huge setup.

Simple and Convenient

As no huge setup is required, calls can be taken anywhere and across multiple devices. This does not restrict the participant to just the office desk, these meetings can be taken in a hotel room or at home and calls can be taken on the computer, laptops, landlines or Smartphone’s allowing remote employees to attend meetings remotely.

A conference bridge is hosted by the conference provider, all the participants would have to dial into the bridge and enter a valid PIN that will be provided by the host (person starting the conference call). This setup is simple and anyone, even those with no technical experience would be able to operate it.


Sensitive data would mostly be shared during the meetings. The conference provider ensures the correct security features are provided to protect data. A PIN number is provided to ensure that only those people with the right PIN can enter the bridge call. With the introduction of Cloud technology, Data is stored in the cloud and there is no data leak and all contents remain confidential.

Multiple Participants

Now-a-days most businesses operate across multiple locations. Taking our development and testing teams as examples. If there is a product launch and teams are located in different cities or state or they could be in a different country. A huge team can dial in, simultaneous to an audio conference call, irrespective of the location and there is no restriction to the number of participants. The participants would just have to decide on the perfect day and time, when all the team members would be available and set up a meeting. Audio conferencing will help facilitate the brainstorming session and participants can pitch in solutions.


All meeting calls are recorded for future references and stored in the cloud. So if any participant misses the call, they can access the recording or in future if the meeting details are required for further references, the recording can be retrieved.

Audio Conferencing allows employers to effortlessly conduct group meetings and all these benefits boots productivity and takes business to a whole new level. It is the best method of communication ahead of emails and chat.

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