These Ways can Secure Your Business Data While Working Remotely?

These Ways can Secure Your Business Data While Working Remotely

Is your team working remotely and you are worried about the security of your business data? 

If yes then leave all the worries because we have a solution. We understand that no matter how bigger is the size of your companies, business data plays a very important role in the strategic decision-making process. For various reasons, business data requires huge storage and a secure connection in your business. Through the development of technology, the usage and storage of the data have evolved. Various companies are adopting CRM and POS systems. This advancement in technology has also offered a feature to move to the cloud to safeguard the company’s and clients’ data. This advanced technology has the potential of capturing the business data which helps to improve the business operation efficiency based on that recorded business data. In every business the data needed to the salespeople, marketers, webmasters, customer service, and HR in different forms. But when it comes to the remote workspace, data protection is a point of concern. Several high-end companies like BFSI, IT, Education, and Governmental organizations need to maintain their confidentiality of data. Hence it is important to crack the code of keeping the business data safe. However, sometimes it is difficult when you have a team working remotely. A remote working scenario has become very common nowadays but it is like a unique challenge. Along with that, the companies need to maintain security by identifying the loopholes to fix with suitable solutions. 

Factors to Consider for Possible Data Breach

If you want to save your business then you need to pay attention to these factors. These factors can be a reason for the breaching of the data.

1- Devices: 

This is the first possibility of data breaching. Working devices like mobile phones, Laptops, computers, and desktop can be used as data-stealing while working from outside office space.

2- Internet Connection: 

The next factor is the remote access to the data from the personal devices at home wifi or with a shared internet connection. This sharing increases the risk of business data to get compromised from an unsecured connection.

3- Preventive Security Controls: 

The final risk to the security of the data is the absence of security. In short, the control to monitor sensitive data remotely opens the doors of losing data.

How can you Secure Your Business Data When Working Remotely?

Technology is helping various businesses to switch to smart technologies and providing solutions to prevent data breaching. One such solution that has witnessed a huge rise is cloud-based solutions. Cloud computing service is offering data security by enabling an easy remote work environment. 

From big enterprises to small startups anyone can take the leverage of cloud solutions as an advantage. Minavo also offers smart cloud telephony solutions to help businesses work securely from any remote place. Let us check out the steps involved while using a cloud-based solution to allow remote working at ease. 

A Secure Login from Every Device 

First of all, every employee needs secured login credentials. Minavo’s online dashboard panel ensures secured individual login. This offers multi-factor authentication credentials to the employees. This can be shared with the employee to sign-in securely. 

In this way, the companies can create multi-factor authentication to safeguard business data &information.

Restricted Account Access for Remote Employees

The feature of limited access to business data to the remote team ensures no extraction of additional information from their side. Remote employees have the risk of accidentally sharing confidential data within their contacts. 

By initiating a restriction, the remote team can only view or access the documents related to their work execution only. Besides that, the server administrator can also create a unique folder for the remote team where he can upload the important documents. 

Use of Personal Wifi Network 

Business data can be secured by avoiding the usage of a public or shared wifi network as well. For this, the remote workforce needs to ensure connecting via a secure connection. For remote users, VPN technology can protect traffic when using personal wifi. 

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that can be used to ensure the safety of business data. 

Monitor Remote Team While Tracking Remote Data

Businesses are generally using Data Loss Prevention tools to monitor sensitive information for data privacy. To keep track of all the data, companies are required to keep a check on their data protection policies.

Another alternative method that companies are adopting is switching to the cloud. While switching to cloud telephony solutions, remotely working employees can be easily monitored as the data is available in real-time from any location. This system ensures data privacy and does not require keeping track of data protection policies.

Use Smart Solutions to Secure Your Data

Cloud telephony solutions have enabled a secure connection between the business and its customers. It has discovered the power of AI-enabled solutions that cover Virtual Number, Cloud contact center, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, and more. Minavo’s server provides a feature of getting integrated with any CRM tool. Besides that, it also helps to ensure an automated & smooth transition of the business.

  • A cloud contact center helps the business owner to manage the remote team from any remote location via a secure connection.
  • By using the virtual number feature, the communication between the company and the clients ensuring data privacy. 
  • IVR system provides the automation of voice processes that can be sent to clients by a secured connection and it also lets the response be saved automatically on the cloud storage.
  • You can easily secure the business data while working remotely with the help of Minavo’s smart solutions. These solutions offer the best data privacy for every company from large to small. Companies can also give essential training to the remote team towards safeguarding the business information.

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