- Everything you need to know

Toll Free Numbers- Everything you Need to Know

There were days when telephone lines remained as the major communication component; businesses used toll-free numbers so that they’ll be able to call without the need of incurring any additional expenditure. Customers started to love this facility, but the costs associated with business were quite high on the other side. Fortunately, with gradually rising competition, companies were available with long-distance charges that considerably took down the cost of toll-free numbers.

What a Toll free number basically is?

Most public and private sector organizations are nowadays involved in obtaining toll free numbers. In addition to free communication between the organization and target audience these numbers also present a person’s or a company’s name (e.g. 1800-XXX-XXXX spells 1800-NEWCARS.)

Vanity numbers like 1800-597-JENNY and 1800-FLOWERS are a few major corporate assets. Most probably numbers such as these probably will never get released to public for re-use or re-assignment.

How can you Obtain Toll Free numbers?

Toll-Free numbers can be assigned on first-come, first serve basis.

These are available for customers and numbers that can already be taken, a national computer database (SMS/1800(TM)) would hold information on different toll-free numbers.

Responsible organizations, mostly toll-free service providers, are linked with national database containing essential information about all toll-free numbers and their status. At higher level, Toll-Free numbers can be considered available for getting assigned to customers/users or can be unavailable (working) and already been assigned (e.g. 1800-FLOWERS).

Customers who would be interested in toll-free numbers typically contact a RespOrg and also works with them for acquiring on available toll-free numbers that would meet their demands.

Available numbers would also be termed as spare numbers. To restate, all these Spare numbers would be available on first-come, first serve basis and these can easily get reserved by Responsible Organization.

Most numbers that are presently held in Standby would be perfectly acceptable Toll-Free numbers but these wouldn’t hex out anything that is specifically interesting.

Why your business requires one?

Even much before toll-free numbers came in existence in 1967; the average cost of long distance calls was kept at approx 2INR per minute. These carriers charged rates that were considered quite costly. That wasn’t only meant for outbound long distance. Having inbounded Toll Free rates were quite high.

Key reasons to have toll-free numbers for MNC, as well as small and medium scale organizations, are:

To create better brand value and larger company image: Simple services to offer to customers in case the business location shifts (local businesses typically had the concern of getting a local number for businesses that moved and wished of keeping their present phone numbers with them.

When you’re into business activities, your telephone communication is one of the most important factors for expanding customer base and improving sales. Thus, a business should get toll free numbers at the earliest. While these were earlier referred to as 1800.

Countrywide facility: The toll free feature serves as the type of call forwarding feature as the organization would be easily able to route calls through anywhere in the country that simply makes 1800 number straight to pre-determined local phone – whether it is your personal cell phone or office phone.

As toll-free numbers principally gets designed for customer/caller for reaching all business without getting charged, having an 1800-toll-free business number would be a great form of commercial expertise and also improves customer service.

Additional features: Further, particularly if your company employs field working for staff, then toll-free number facility will be helpful for minimizing overhead expenses. With toll-free numbers, you can easily record incoming calls on the statement, with all individual names and different numbers that would immensely be helpful for frequently tracking customers.

Additionally, with toll free IVR services businesses can also get every call detail in real time. Some features like call timings, caller id, location, etc. are provided by IVR service providers. A collection of this information would be useful to make vital business decisions mainly concerned with improvement.

So, if your advertisement carries would contact without having toll-free numbers, rest assured that that prospective customers will begin approaching your competitors that offer toll-free facilities. Thus, in the prospect of remaining competitive and surviving and thriving in business, most companies should try business toll free numbers.

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