Customer care services usually face a challenge of attending various customers, all with a different problem, to be attended carefully and efficaciously. All and all customer care department needs to take care of certain points which make it all over more convenient for its customers and of course the department itself.

Underneath are the points that every customer service operation aims to achieve:

  1. To route a caller so as to achieve the maximum value
  2. Fastest resolution
  3. Greatest satisfaction in the shortest time, involving the fewest people.

However, one doesn’t understand it with just reading about it and learning its benefits. For the actual result and believing you have to have it. Well, investing in something need to be done only after having a full proof research over it. So here, “MINAVO COMMUNICATIONS” has come up with best deals and investments in smart call routing. Yes, investment in small call routing is really beneficial for you as well as your customers, now see how? It would have surely happened with you that you have faced the problem of incapacity to attend the numerous callers in one day at a time and you have, had kept them waiting for long and then no solution to their problem, which ultimately resulted into dissatisfaction, frustration, and anger in your callers and overall ruining the image of your brand. So, in that case scenario you will need one stop solution which can handle your all the problems in one go, that is smart call routing. When it comes to customer service, users by and large don’t mind waiting, provided that their reason for calling is satisfied. For having a flawless service and a well managed call centre, all you need to do is spend some amount on smart call routing system plus training your agents, so that calls get routed to the agent with the best chance of satisfying the customer need.

Now time to look at some of the key points/features of the smart call routing:  This data falls into 2 groups:

  • Data that does not enable identification of the caller:
    • IVR route – the caller may have selected particular options
    • DNIS/ DID – the caller may have dialed a particular number

This is useful data, but doesn’t really enable a tailored routing effort.

  • Data that does enable identification of the caller:
    • CLI – calling line identity
    • IVR data captured – the caller may have entered particular details e.g. account number

Now that’s when ‘smart’ gets smarter. The stored data, unique to the caller’s identity will enable your agent to identify or the searching of CRM databases, which can reveal a great deal of useful information, including

  • account history – e.g. he has an outstanding bill, or she is a high-value customer
  • interaction history – e.g. he has been abusive in the past, or she often returns purchased items
  • Language preference – e.g. his first language is English.

This enables your agent to handle multiple calls at a time and resolving your customer’s query without transferring its call to some other personnel.

We believe in delivering the best of the services and that’s what we are doing over the number of years.

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