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Why your Business Requires IVR Solutions for Growth

Among the most efficient tools needed for routine inbound inquiries are the IVR systems, in addition to standard outbound notifications such as appointment reminders. IVR systems are basically automated telephony systems that interact well with callers and gather information, and also routes calls to the appropriate recipient. IVR services would be helpful in getting combinations of voice telephones touch-tone, input, and keypad selection and offer appropriate responses in the form of fax, voice, e-mail and other media forms perhaps.

Need for IVR systems

As your business gathers a higher customer base, it would be quite critical for customers to get seamless and dependable IVR services. Through the help of an IVR system, customers would be easily able to route through automated IVR units where they’ll seamlessly be able to select through the services they were looking for while getting guided through various pre-recorded voice prompts. With well-designed IVR systems, you’ll easily be able to reduce costs of operation and would help organizations in getting their employees as well as customers.

Features of IVR hosting

Outsourcing would be the most cost efficient method for organizations to add up IVR with customer/ employee communication. With this routine businesses can easily cut on high costs and have limited scalability with undesired qualms.


With quality IVR services you can get the following range of features:

  • Working with IT and business team for achieving the desired objectives of data integration.
  • Managing all IVR aspects such as development, planning, deployment and application testing.
  • Looking after all vendor relations and including updating and maintaining telecom software, infrastructure, hardware and software as required.

Being the leading experts in the industry and having developed a broad range of applications, IVR solutions from providers remain up and running in relatively short time periods.

Once you can select IVR services, they’ll easily be able to work with you throughout the key implementation and also provide design elements to achieve certain business objectives. All these include:

  • Reviewing program specifications and objectives – With a better understanding of all your business plans and goals you’ll get all the necessary help in understanding business and its targets for offering your IVR services with essential information to get recommendations through the entire process.  
  • Batch transfer: Being an alternative to Internet hosted services, your IVR service provider helps you in offering a batch process that utilizes FTP for transferring data between databases on scheduled basis. Although this would relatively be quite mature technology, and doesn’t offer you real-time abilities of internet services, and it would be a fine alternative if you’re storing and retrieving data from a legacy system or the organization has got strict guidelines regarding communication of data over HTTP protocols with outside vendors.
  • Data Connectivity, Storage, and Communication – Your IVR application most likely requires you to retrieve and store information from databases. With the help of your IVR service provider, you’ll easily be able to get a wide range of options for data communications, for meeting your specific business objectives, in line with technological capabilities. It allows your IVR service provider to discuss everything in detail, as availability would be there for a lot of options and you’ll be able to meet all your requirements.
  • Web Services: IVR services that offer real-time information exchange with web-enabled databases – the industry helps you in providing communication with IVR service providers in real-time, and utilize standard communication protocols like HTTP over XML. The method of communication would help you to capitalize existing investment in skills and web technology.

With the aid of all these, you’ll easily be able to link IVR services for the collection of customer responses to facilitate two-way dialogues. These features and much more contribute to a better and reliable business that maintains relations with its clients and reaches customers at the earliest.

IVR solutions, Customer Experience Platform (CXP), Prophecy and other applications are usable for creation of customized IVR applications surrounding certain business cases. The primary outcome of IVR automation would be day to day customer interactions as getting straightforward and quick customer access would surely get the perfect information at the perfect timing.

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