Your journey to success with Telecom IVR.

Telecom IVR solution is quite popular among all the industries and the benefits of IVR system are obvious but when you are going to start up your own business or an organization then this will be a newer term for you. As you know this a competitive world and you are going to enter in an environment where you have to start from the scratch, then in that case you have to be aware of the most of the smart technologies capturing the whole of the market. Telecom IVR is one of the examples of such technologies; therefore “MINAVO COMMUNICATIONS” has brought upon the best of the services in the era of Telecom IVR or customised IVR solution.

So, while talking about IVR system this is important enough for you to know of what benefits it will provide you. So, here are some points about benefits of having IVR system in your office:-

1. Extend your office automation to your caller/customer 

Installing IVR system today will extends all the automation benefits to your callers as well as to your customers.  It actually provides all the information about company and its policies and new offers plus contact details categorically like marketing, technical etc.

2. Attending the call at the first ring

This is the foremost benefit that your customers need not to wait for too long and they will be answered in a very short time without wasting their time. This will be a very good signal to any industry as per their goodwill will rise and they will maintain sound relations with their customers.

3. Multilingual greetings to the caller as per caller ID
An IVR system is designed in a way that it can speak into many languages and can decide which language has to be spoken to the caller by analysing the caller ID just like an intelligent human! This way establishes a personalised relationship between a caller and an employer or the personnel and the caller feels like at home.

Plus it also gives the personalised greetings to your caller from time to time, be it a birthday or some other occasion,it wishes caller with name because of which your caller feels special.

4.IVR works 24*7 hours without getting tired and it never greets a caller in a low and a husky voice!
A call centre has to be opened 24 hours in a day because a caller can anytime need your help and there can’t be any fix timings. As per a human being it is difficult to manage to attend all the callers all the time and that too always attend them in a fresh voice without any stress or tiredness. In that case, Telecom IVR system is installed which manages everything quite easily, plus it can even give out emergency instruction to the caller!

MINAVO COMMUNICATIONS has come up with such a multitasking technology which provides you the plethora of advantages and that is quite affordable for you if you look at it for a long period of time perspective.

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